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Upgraded Server!

We recently upgraded the server; changed hosts and moved from 5GB of space to 50GB of space. This means hopefully less lag, and more room for plugins and other files! With the new space, we've gotten a new server IP which you will find on the right of the page. Don't worry, all of your stuff has been copied over to the new server, so hopefully you haven't lost anything! If you do find something out of order, however, don't hesitate to tell an admin.

  • Spawn Building
    Spawn Building
  • Guardian
  • Mall
  • PVP Arena
    PVP Arena
Spawn Building
Spawn Building

Current Plugins

We are always growing as a server, installing, re-configuring, and sometimes deleting plugins as we see fit in order to make your playing experience the best we can make it. Note that this list may not always be up to date, but you can get a good idea of a majority of them if you're relatively new to the server. If you have a suggestion of a plugin we should get, make a forum post about it!

Craftbook, WorldGuard, WG Custom Flags, WorldEdit, ChestShop, Factions, mcjobs, mcMMO, TimeIsMoney, Votifier, TreeAssist, HugMe, MarriagePlus, Lift, DrugDealer, AutoColour, DisguiseCraft, Multiverse, MultiInv, CommandSigns, ColoredSigns, SignEdit, Citizens, Announcer, NoCheatPlus, Vault, PlotMe, PlayerHeads, TimTheEnchanter, Reporter, GroupManager, Essentials, CommandSpy, and more!

Server IP

TeamSpeak Server IP

Vote for the server on these sites daily and receive various rewards in-game!

(Currently broken; please wait until I can update each site with the new server IP!)

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